AS 1172.7 - Sanitary plumbing products, Part 7: Waterless urinals | Public Comment Draft

Closed 10 Feb 2023

Opened 9 Dec 2022


For Public Comment

Technical Specification for the WaterMark Certification Scheme

Standards Australia's WS-003 committee has released a Public Comment draft to AS 1172.7 - Sanitary plumbing products, Part 7 Waterless urinals. The public comment period seeks comments from WaterMark stakeholders on the changes to the document.

Once published this Standard is intended to be adopted within the WaterMark Certification Scheme to replace WMTS-459 and WMTS 469.

The objective of this document is to provide manufacturers, importers, suppliers and users with design, finish and material requirements for flushing waterless urinals.

AS 1172.7 incorporates and updates criteria from the following WaterMark Technical Standards published by the Australian Building Codes Board:

  1. WMTS-459:2018, Waterless urinals.
  2. WMTS-469:2018, Waterless or limited flush urinals – With an integral sealing device.

The terms “normative” and “informative” are used in Standards to defi ne the application of the appendices to which they apply.A “normative” appendix is an integral part of a Standard, whereas an “informative” appendix is only for information andguidance.


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