Consultation RIS - Proposed NCC 2022 residential energy efficiency provisions

Closed 7 Nov 2021

Opened 20 Sep 2021

Feedback updated 1 Sep 2022

We asked

A Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) was released for public comment between 20 September to 7 November 2021.

You said

Over 100 submissions were received. All submissions were taken into consideration by the ABCB.

We did

The Decision RIS was finalised taking account of the feedback on the Consultation RIS where appropriate. This was used as one input into the decision by Ministers to include the new residential energy efficiency provisions into NCC 2022.

Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) is proposing to update the energy efficiency provisions for residential buildings in the 2022 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC). The proposed provisions are included in stage 2 of the NCC 2022 public comment draft (PCD).

An in-depth analysis of the impacts (both costs and benefits) of the proposed provisions is now open for comment. This analysis is presented in a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS).

This CRIS has been developed by ACIL Allen in accordance with the best practice regulatory principles administered by the Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) and set out in the Regulatory Impact Analysis Guide for Ministers’ Meetings and National Standard Setting Bodies.


To support stakeholders in providing informed comments, resources are available via the Related Documents section at the bottom of this page:

  • NCC 2022 residential energy efficiency provisions – the CRIS explained
  • Costs and Benefits of Upgrading Building Fabric from 6 to 7 Stars (Tony Isaacs Consulting)
  • NCC 2022 Update - Whole of House Component (Energy Efficient Strategies)

You can access the full CRIS below or download a copy at the bottom of this page. You can also access a preview of the consultation via the ‘consultation preview’ attachment at the bottom of this page.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

NCC 2022 PCD (stage 2)

NCC 2022 PCD (the technical provisions) is also open for consultation until 11:59 PM AEST 17 October 2021. You can view the draft and supporting documentation on the ABCB’s Consultation Hub.

You will still be able to view the PCD once the public comment period has closed.

Why your views matter

The input of stakeholders to the CRIS is fundamental to ensuring that the Final RIS is based on the best available information. Questions have been included to guide respondents on specific matters where more information may assist in developing the Final RIS.

Providing comment

The CRIS is open for response until 11:59 PM AEDT Sunday 7 November 2021In line with the ABCB’s process for undertaking public consultation, comment will only be accepted through the ABCB’s online Consultation Hub.

What happens next

The ABCB will consider, in detail, all responses received from stakeholders.

Responses to the CRIS will inform the development of the Final RIS and will be an important input to the  decision making process as to whether to include the proposed provisions in the 2022 edition of the NCC. 

The Final RIS is expected to be publicly released mid-2022.


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