Developing Performance Solutions

Closed 26 Sep 2019

Opened 12 Sep 2019


The National Construction Code is a performance-based code, meaning that any building design must ultimately meet the Performance Requirements as stated in the NCC.

Under the NCC, the Performance Requirements can be satisfied by a Performance Solution; a Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution; or a combination of these. 

Performance Solutions can be developed for any area of construction regulated by the NCC including fire, health and safety, amenity and energy efficiency using a variety of Assessment Methods.  Therefore, the way in which Performance Solutions are developed and documented can vary widely, as can the outcome associated with the solution.

The ABCB has been requested by Building Ministers to consider the inclusion of mandatory requirements in the NCC for the process for preparing Performance Solutions. The process would focus on the need to appropriately consult, analyse and document all Performance Solutions regardless of the topic. This process would align with the ABCB's Guideline for the Development of Performance Solutions.

Why your views matter

The ABCB would like to better understand how Performance Solutions are prepared, if they are consistent with the intent and objectives of the NCC and ABCB guidance material.

We are interested in your views if you are involved in the design, testing or approval of Performance Solutions. If you are not involved in the development or assessment of Performance Solutions in any way, it is requested that you do not complete the survey.

What happens next

Your responses to this survey will help inform the development of the NCC requirements and associated economic impact analysis for public consultation.


  • Building: Commercial and Residential
  • Building: Commercial
  • Building: Residential
  • Building Certification/ Surveying
  • Architecture and Design
  • Engineering
  • Specialist - disability access
  • Specialist - energy efficiency
  • Specialist - fire safety
  • Specialist - health
  • Specialist - hydraulic/plumbing
  • Building Codes Committee
  • Plumbing Code Committee
  • ABCB Board


  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire safety
  • NCC Performance Requirements
  • Disability access
  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage
  • Structural safety
  • Disability access
  • Building services
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire safety
  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage
  • Structural safety