ABCB website user experience

Closed 11 Feb 2020

Opened 29 Jan 2020


The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) website is an effective tool in enabling communication, facilitating engagement and consultation activities, and sharing industry information. It also acts as an access channel to the National Construction Code (NCC), the WaterMark and CodeMark Australia Certification Schemes, and related education and support materials.

Throughout 2020, the ABCB will be investigating improvements to the information architecture, user experience and interface design, while considering possible new digital technologies to assist in managing interactions and engagements with stakeholders. To kick off this project, the ABCB is seeking input and feedback from its stakeholders to understand your experience using our website, and our subsidiary websites:;

Please note: Out-of-scope for this project is NCC 2019 Online and PDF downloads.

Why your views matter

The ABCB would like to better understand and gain insight into how you interact with our website, particularly concerning its design, content, navigation and performance. We’re looking to gather evidence to assist in understanding your choices, identify how you look for information and what improvements we should consider to ensure we deliver a new website that satisfies the needs of our diverse audience.

What happens next

The feedback and input provided in this survey will be used to inform the next stages of the website redevelopment project.


  • Building: Commercial and Residential
  • Building: Commercial
  • Building: Residential
  • Building Certification/ Surveying
  • Architecture and Design
  • Engineering
  • Plumbing
  • Legal and Finance
  • Specialist - disability access
  • Specialist - energy efficiency
  • Specialist - fire safety
  • Specialist - health
  • Specialist - hydraulic/plumbing
  • Students and apprentices
  • Education
  • Community and Non-Government Organisations
  • Government
  • General Public
  • Building and plumbing products
  • Compliance, testing and accreditation
  • WaterMark
  • CodeMark


  • Events
  • Readability
  • Corporate services
  • Building services
  • Disability access
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire safety
  • Health and amenity
  • Sanitary plumbing and drainage
  • Structural safety
  • Product Certification
  • Water services
  • Technical specifications