Energy efficiency - NCC 2022 and beyond scoping study

Closes 8 Sep 2019

Consultation Contents

The Energy efficiency - NCC 2022 and beyond scoping study outlines the approach to developing the NCC’s energy efficiency provisions with a particular focus on NCC 2022.

The consultation is divided into two key sections. These being:

  1. Residential energy efficiency
  2. Commercial energy efficiency

Each section contains a series of questions that seek your view on information contained within the scoping study. You are also provided an opportunity to explain your response and provide additional information to support your view. 

Please ensure that you have also completed the 'Privacy Collection Statement' and 'Personal Information' sections as some questions outlined within require a response. 

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Any technical questions regarding the scoping study can be submitted to the email address identified on the 'Overview' page. Otherwise, if your question is in relation to the ABCB's Consultation Hub please submit an enquiry.

Submissions made to the ABCB by email or other means will not be considered. Please ensure that submissions are provided using this online consultation form.

Once you have submitted your repsonse you are unable to change it.

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