Consultation RIS - Proposed NCC 2022 residential energy efficiency provisions

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Closes 7 Nov 2021

Privacy Collection Statement

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If you have an enquiry or request relating to your personal information, please contact:

Privacy Contact Officer
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Confidential Information

All submissions and comments will be published unless they are marked ‘commercial-in-confidence’, or where "do not publish" is selected at the beginning of this survey.

Any contact details you provide within your submission will be redacted prior to your submission being published.

In order to promote debate and transparency, the ABCB prefers that all submissions and comments be provided in a way that does not require confidentiality to be maintained. However, it recognises that in some circumstances you may want to provide information in confidence.

It is the responsibility of the person making the submission to ensure that any ‘commercial-in-confidence’ information is clearly identified. Please consider if you can structure your response to keep only some parts confidential. If only part of your submission is confidential, you can provide the confidential part as a separate submission so that the ABCB can publish the non-confidential part of the submission.

Where confidentiality is requested for an entire submission, it will not be published by the ABCB, nor will your name or organisation details.

Please note that we may still disclose the confidential part of your submission to any of the above identified users of the information as part of the consultation process and we will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the recipients keep the submission confidential.

The ABCB or the ABCB Office may also disclose confidential information in circumstances where:

  • we are required or authorised by law disclose it;
  • you agree to the information being disclosed; or
  • someone other than you has made the confidential information public

Your submission, comments, opinions and responses will not be published if the ABCB or the ABCB Office considers that your submission, comments, opinions and responses may contain potentially defamatory statements or other offensive comments.

By making a submission on the CRIS - Proposed NCC 2022 residential energy efficiency provisions you will be agreeing to the collection of the information you provide in your submission, and the use and disclosure of the information you provide in your submission as outlined above.

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